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 What a Chat Moderator is and does on Poqery!

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What a Chat Moderator is and does on Poqery!  Empty
PostSubject: What a Chat Moderator is and does on Poqery!    What a Chat Moderator is and does on Poqery!  EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 1:20 am

There seems to be some misconceptions as to what a chat moderator is and does on Poqery.

It has come to my attention through a vast number of pm's, emails, etc. that there has been a number of rumors going around Poqery.

So to clear this up I will give all the players a brief description of what is expected of a chat moderator.

A chat moderator has more stricter rules to follow than a regular player.

THERE WILL BE NO HUSBAND/WIFE, GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND, MOD TEAMS !! IF you both would like to mod, you will be placed on different shifts. Due to recent events this will be the same for Admins, Supervisors, and any other staff of Poqery.

A chat moderator has to know and follow all of the site's chat rules. These can be found here -

They must know and also follow the Terms and Conditions of Poqery -

Plus we have a list of Moderators guidelines, which are read, understood and signed by each moderator before they are even placed in bold.

Before a player is considered for a moderator position, there are also a few special guidelines that are looked into. These are ..

1) How well you know the site and interact with the players.
2) If you been chat banned within the last 3 months.
3) Most important is checking to see if any applicants have ever tried to cheat, scam, etc. the site or players.

Any and all complaints sent to the Admins, Mod Supervisor, Support Staff of Poqery, are looked into thoroughly.

If it is deemed to be a breach in the chat rules, a private meeting with the mod takes place to rectify the situation. They are also put on a 30 day probationary period.

If a mod continues to break the chat rules, they are than asked to step down as mod.

If it is found that a mod has broken any of the Terms and Conditions of Poqery, it is grounds for instant removal from their mod position.

Once a mod has been removed for breaking the Terms and Conditions of Poqery, they will not be asked back in the future.

It does not matter when the mod broke the Terms and Conditions of the site, what matters is if it was broken when they were mod.

There will be zero tolerance from now on for such behavior. If its not ok for the players to do it will not be ok for any mod either.

Any player that has a complaint about any mod, please send all info, proof, back chat,etc. to one of the Admins or Mod Supervisor.

Admin's are - kamraladympr, KajunSpice (you can contact Kajun @
The Mod Supervisor's are - only1dani, lady_blue

Kind Regards,
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What a Chat Moderator is and does on Poqery!
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