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 How To Tune Up Your Computer For Fast Poqery Play.

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How To Tune Up Your Computer For Fast Poqery Play.  Empty
PostSubject: How To Tune Up Your Computer For Fast Poqery Play.    How To Tune Up Your Computer For Fast Poqery Play.  EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 12:32 pm

Having fun anywhere online including Poqery means there are steps you should take to keep your computer running well.

Your computer will store a list of all websites you visit, these are called temporary files. In addition to these it will also store information from these sites called cookies.

Poqery is supported by the the sponsor sites we visit. We are paid to do the sponsors but this along with other sites we visit is a lot of information added to our hard drives.

This information remains on your hard drive until you remove it. If you are experiencing freezes or lags this may be the reason why. To help with this do the following.


Clean cookies and temporary files - Open Internet Explorer, find the tools option, generally this is at the top right of your screen. Then go to Internet options and under general you will find a place to delete cookies and temporary files.
CC Cleaner – IMHO Better than Internet Explorer tools and free to download. Cleans cookies and temp files and has other handy tools like a registry cleaner and ability to clear up other files that slow performance down. Get it at


Disk Defragmenter - Under all programs, accessories, system tools, disk defrag, set it to auto run weekly at a time when you will not be using your computer.
Or, from the same people who do CC Cleaner, Defraggler. Faster than the PC Defrag tool –
Spyware removal - Be sure to check for updates prior to running.
Modem – Turn your computer off and unplug your modem and router for ( 5 )minutes at the end of this time and in this order plug the modem back up, when it is on plug the router up, when it is on restart your computer.


Antivirus – Be sure to set this to run continuously in the background, otherwise you are setting yourself up for problems. In addition set it to automatically update.
Java – This also stores temporary files and this may cause it to abort on you at times. To keep this from happening do the following.
Go to start then control panel, double click the java icon. Go to settings, clear the temporary files there and at the top uncheck keep on my computer then refresh Poqery.
Don’t have too much running at once. Especially on an older PC don’t overtax it. If possible just have poker running when you play, failing that poker plus the bare minimum of other applications. This can really help stop freezes.

All of the suggestions above are just a small amount of what it takes to keep a healthy well running computer.

If these do not help or not enough then I advise getting a PC expert to give your computer a health check, they can do things that the freely available tools just can’t. Also, as ever, be sure to keep your important stuff backed up, preferably on an external hard drive or online place like and keep copies of important software like Windows systems discs in case you ever get a total wipe out and have to get Windows re-installed…I know (Nick), it happened to me and Carbonite saved me bigtime!

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How To Tune Up Your Computer For Fast Poqery Play.
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