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PostSubject: POQERY Q & A SITE INFORMATION   Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:37 pm

Do you have questions about NoPayPOKER or about poker in general or do you want to earn some Bonus Chips? We have a new solution to your burning questions!

Go to our new poker Q & A site at Have fun! Learn new things and share what you know. was created to allow anyone to learn about poker or help others in the game. If you have a burning question you need answered then ask at, want more people to look at it? Then highlight it with Bonus Chips! That will automatically create a reward for the best answer.

Want more Bonus Chips? Then answer those questions because the best answer will get the Bonus Chip reward. Other activities also get rewarded with bonus chips BUT not as many as when your answer is designated the best answer!

So get in there and have some fun.

P.S. you will need to create an account at to get started.

P.P.S contact support at or nppsupport to request a Bonus Chip transfer between the sites. Due to the manual process involved we will only transfer 10,000 BC or more each time. You will also be requested to verify your account ownership at NPP and Poqery.
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Posts : 4386
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PostSubject: How to transfer BCs to NoPayPOKER and from NoPayPOKER to POQERY!   Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:23 pm

Great! It’s finally happened, you can now transfer bonus chips back and forth between NoPayPOKER and Poqery.

As you may know, you can earn loads of Bonus Chips at Poqery, now you can transfer them back to NoPayPOKER. Alternatively move some chips from your NoPayPOKER account so you can highlight your questions at Poqery!

Step 1 – GET AN ACCOUNT AT POQERY: open a new account at Poqery here Make sure you add the domain “” into your email safe sender (white list) because you receive an email to validate your account.

Step 2 – LINK YOUR ACCOUNT IN POQERY: After you have logged in go to “My Account -> Transfer BC” you should see the screenshot to the right. Enter your NPP username and NPP password. This will link your accounts so you can do a transfer.

Step 3 – COMPLETE TRANSFER: have a look at the screenshot on the left. You can see there is only one field to fill in! The amount of Bonus Chips you want to transfer. You can then hit the double arrows to change the “From” and “To” accounts, once you are happy hit “Transfer Now” and your Bonus Chips will be instantly transferred between your accounts at Poqery and NoPayPOKER.

Please note: there will be a 10% Bonus Chip fee for any transfer. So for example if you request 1000 Bonus Chips transferred 1000 will be debited in the “From” account and 900 will credit to your “To” account. All transfers are instant and final. So please don’t ask for them to be reversed! Your only option is to then transfer the Bonus Chips back again.

Complete details are also located here with examples.....
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