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 The chat rules at Poqery.

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PostSubject: The chat rules at Poqery.   Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:13 pm

The mods DO NOT chat ban the players, that is dealt with by the players!

When you log into the Poqery software you will be in the main chat. To access the other chat rooms you will need to open the extended chat. At the far upper right in the main chat there's a square with an arrow in it. You will need to click on that box, which will open a bigger chat box on your screen. Once on the bigger screen click on which room you want to chat in.

There are just a couple of easy chat rules to remember.

1) While in the main lobby it's ENGLISH ONLY! If you want to speak a different language, use a different chat box.

2) The chat at the tables are ENGLISH ONLY also.

3) Treat every player with respect while in the main chat.

The mods DO NOT chat ban the players, that is dealt with by the players!
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The chat rules at Poqery.
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