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 Poqery and Reconnecting Issues

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Poqery and Reconnecting Issues Empty
PostSubject: Poqery and Reconnecting Issues   Poqery and Reconnecting Issues EmptySun Sep 25, 2016 2:22 pm

These are a few possible reasons you are getting a reconnecting messages.

1) Your internet (ISP) may be "blipping" for some reason. I find when that happens it will log me out of my account. Than a pop up message tells me that I have logged in from another location/device.

2)When we are at a pre-crash....the system gives reconnecting type errors sometimes before it is going to crash.

3) The fact you might have had some other games playing fine during the same time proves very little. Hit your windows/start button, then type "Command Prompt" in the search section, click the desktop app to launch the Command window. Now type "tracert" that will give the actual path his data stream needs to travel to our specific servers. It will contain anywhere from 5-20 hops which are unique to your location vs our servers (different from other games!). If there were any problems in any of those hops it can delay your traffic. The last point to make is that the main times we are sending or receiving information is during actual actions. Meaning if you are doing nothing you are less likely to be disturbed than if you're doing something. So whilst connection issues wont be exclusively during actions it can be more noticeable during that time!

So in summary....
1) Routes to servers are unique and subject to interference on an individual basis  
2) If you do have any connection issue it might be more noticeable during actions.
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Poqery and Reconnecting Issues
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